You Could Be a Billionaire In This Country Today

The World’s Weakest Currency

Grant Piper
4 min readNov 30, 2022


Many people dream about being a billionaire. The idea of never having to worry about money is appealing. Millions of Americans play the lottery every year, especially when the jackpots are the highest, hoping to strike it big. But you do not need to be the founder of Microsoft or hit the winning numbers to become a billionaire. You can be a billionaire today, right now, if you transfer all of your money into Iranian rials (IRR).

The Iranian rial is the world’s weakest currency. Despite attempts to condense the currency into a new denomination (tomans), the currency continues to be nearly valueless in the international economy. That means that your American dollars (or British pounds or Euros) can buy an obscene amount of rials on the open market.

The exchange rate for dollars to rials is roughly 1:42000. The average median household income in the United States is roughly $70,000. That means that the average American couple could turn their yearly income into 2.9 billion rials.

With a few years of active money management, your fortune could easily be worth multiple billions of Iranian rials.

In order to officially become a billionaire in Iran, you would have to pony up $23,668 based on current exchange rates. That means most single working adults could become rial billionaires if they just turned every paycheck into IRR. Wonderful!

Why Is Iran’s Currency So Valueless?

Iran has been the subject of massive international sanctions and ire from western powers. These sanctions have made it extremely difficult for Iran to export oil, participate in international trade and participate in the international banking system. Iran is under sanction for multiple reasons, including their continued pursuit of a nuclear program, allegations of state-sponsored terrorism, and allegations of connections to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Barring Iran from the international system has caused the value of their currency to plummet to historic lows. In the past decade, Iran’s rial has dropped by four times its previous value. In 2012, the rial was trading at around 10,000 rials per dollar which is a much better rate…



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