The Seal Of The Prophets — The Last Official Prophets For Each Abrahamic Religion

There hasn’t been an official prophet for over a thousand years

Grant Piper
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Malachi (Cropped — Public domain)

The Abrahamic religions are ancient and only growing older by the day. While there have been reformers, heretics and apostates there have not been any official prophets for any of these religions for nearly 1,400 years. All of the official prophets appeared in the distant past. The oldest of the final prophets appeared over 2,400 years ago.

The designation of a true prophet is special and carries a weight that most modern people cannot comprehend. Prophets were not just preachers, they were direct conduits to God. They spoke with God’s voice and delivered important messages. Not only that, they did so while also earning the acceptance of the people. Prophets were rarely popular but they were convincing and respected.

Many people have claimed to speak with God’s voice throughout the centuries but few people have achieved the hallowed title of prophet.

These are the last officially recognized prophets for each of the major Abrahamic religions in the world.

1. Judaism — Malachi

2,453 Years Ago

Interestingly enough, the oldest religion on this list also has the earliest final prophet. The Jewish people generally accept that Malachi was the last official prophet ordained by God. Malachi’s message was one of contention and his writings laid out a series of arguments between the post-Exile Jews in Jersusalem and God Himself.

God, through Malachi, accuses the Jews of refusing to change even after the Exile. He says they’ve hardened their hearts, defiled his temple, and have turned their backs on the Covenant again. At the end of Malachi, the last official book of the prophets, God speaks of a time when the faithful remnant of Israel will be purified and sanctified.

Malachi preached nearly 2,500 years ago and no other prophets have been recognized since then in Judaism. Jews believe that their Messiah is still coming and that he will be considered a prophet or perhaps be accompanied by new or ancient prophets to start his mission.



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