The Real Sword In The Stone That Inspired Arthurian Legend

The sword is still available to see today

Grant Piper


Saint Galgano (Public domain)

There is a quaint shrine in the small rural town of Chiusdino, Italy that holds a fascinating artifact. At first glance, the shrine looks like any one of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar Medieval structures that dot the Italian countryside. Except for the fact that this shrine has an artifact that has been baffling scientists and mystics for centuries.

Inside the shrine is a display that features a sword thrust into a stone. The sword looks very aged and it protrudes from the rock leaving the hilt and part of the blade exposed. The entire display is kept under glass to protect it from the elements. If you didn’t know any better, you would think that you were looking at a replica of Excalibur before it was pulled from the stone.

But this is no replica. This artifact is real.

The Sword

For a long time, people simply assumed that the sword at the shrine was a fake. Medieval religious shrines claimed to have various holy relics and strange artifacts all the time and oftentimes they were faked to drive foot traffic. However, a careful examination of the sword done by scientists in 2001 proved that the sword was real.

The composition of the blade, the craftsmanship, and the age all match with a sword from the time period — estimated to be the 12th century.

If the sword is real, then how did it get there? That is the question that has been puzzling experts since 2001. No one can come up with a plausible explanation. The sword is really stuck fast in the rock. Replicating the feat would be impossible, especially using 12th-century techniques.

Christians had an answer a long time ago. The sword can’t be explained because the sword is miraculous.

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