How Many People In The World Die Every Day?

And how many people are born?

Grant Piper


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With the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic dovetailing into a brutal war in Ukraine, one begins to wonder how many people are dying every day. Is it hundreds? Thousands? Millions? The answer is not exactly clear on its face. Many numbers are kept about death. How many people die from certain causes. How many people die in wars. How many people die in accidents. But few people know how many people die every day in general.

Global Deaths Per Day

According to World Population Review, the world averages
166,308 deaths per day. Out of a planet of nearly 8 billion people that number does not seem all that bad. The countries with the most deaths per day fall in line by population almost exactly to a T.

China has the most. India has the second most. The United States has the third most. And so on.

China loses over 30,000 people per day. But they have 1.5 billion people in their country. India has a similar population and has a very similar number of deaths.

The percentage of the global population that dies daily is just 2.090884985786715e-5%. A very minuscule number.

Those figures average out to roughly 60 million people per year who leave this mortal plane for another existence.

Global Births Per Day

If talking about the number of deaths per day was a little dumpy you will be happy to hear that the number of global births is far higher. If you are someone who is worried about overpopulation you might not want to keep reading. On average there are 382,470 births per day worldwide.

That is a net positive of over 200,000 births per day. That is a lot of babies.

That means on average there are roughly 80 million people added to the Earth each year. While population growth continues to slow in the developed world that number is still quite high.

According to an analysis by World Population Review, there have already been 18 million added to the Earth’s population since January 1st of this year.


The human population continues to grow. Despite pandemics and wars more and more people continue to be born even as thousands of people die every day. 166,000 deaths per day might sound like a lot but when you consider how many people there are in the world and how many babies are born each day, it does not sound that bad.



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