Four Under Reported Armed Conflicts Happening Now

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1. Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

The Nagorno-Karabakh region occupies the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and is the source of an ongoing territorial dispute. This conflict has been hot for decades and is a low intensity, constant skirmish between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the region.

  • Type of conflict: Territorial dispute
  • Countries interested: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan

2. War in Ukraine

Despite making a brief and potent appearance in the headlines in connection to the impeachment of President Trump, the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine has been woefully under-reported by major news outlets in recent months. The fighting continues, and there has been no solid basis for a resolution. The war itself has degraded into a stalemate that has seen flashes of intense violence flare up and dissipate. Ukraine’s territorial integrity and internal control are still dangerously frayed, and people continue to die in the conflict, which first began in 2014 following the chaos caused by Russia’s annexation of Crimea from the Ukraine.

  • Type of conflict: territorial dispute, secession
  • Countries interested: The United States, NATO members, Russia

3. Insurgency in Mali

Mali has long been an interest of France after its independence in 1960. Recently, the country has been befallen by an all too common occurrence in northern Africa: the rise of a violent Islamist separatist movement fueled by insurgency and terrorism.

  • Type of conflict: insurgency
  • Countries interested: Mali, France, Niger, the USA, Burkina Faso

4. South Sudan Civil War

This is not a continuation of the Sudanese Civil War but a new conflict. The two are often conflated due to their similarity and lack of familiarity. South Sudan was formed as an independent nation in 2011 following a successful break away from Sudan. The Sudan Civil War birthed South Sudan.

  • Type of conflict: civil war
  • Countries interested: the United States, Uganda, Sudan

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