Faith aside, I was never a fan of one issue voters who allow a single position to ruin their view on a whole candidate. Now days, its a lot easier because the parties usually don’t let people hold contrasting views anymore. Especially on things like abortion, where the issue is established law already and is just used as an emotional touch point to try and used to cover up actual policy issues.

I try to synthesize my political views with my faith and pick the person who I feel best about overall. I am not voting for my priest but for someone I think will do a good job representing the people — all people. Faith does play into that but overall, pick who think is best and then let the big picture be handled by God. Whether you vote for person x or person y, there is an entire electorate also voting and your vote won’t change God’s plans.

Hobbyist historian | Political scientist | Story teller | Lover of animals | Freelancer | Always open for work ->

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