Donald Trump Is America Personified

Look in the mirror America: A social media addiction, harsh words, a dash of ignorance and stupidity and the refusal to admit any of it

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I have long said that Donald Trump is a symptom, not a cause of America’s woes. In 2015 when he was starting to ramp up his campaign, everyone called him a clown. When he won, everyone called him an agitator and a threat. But Donald Trump has never been the cause of America’s problems. He is one of many direct symptoms of the sickness that has been growing in this nation for years.

Whether you think so or not, President Donald J. Trump is the perfect embodiment of America in 2020. Join me on this small moment of reflection and introspection and see the truth that has always been there.
Donald Trump is America.

He speaks without thinking with little regard to those who are listening. He uses social media too much, to the point where it is a personal detriment to himself and his cause, but he doesn’t care. He speaks with authority on things he knows nothing about and stays silent on things he has authority over. He is divisive; you either love him or hate him. There is little forgiveness in him, only a desire to win.

He says things that can be taken as racist or bigoted but vehemently claims he is not a racist. He evokes violence when it suits him but shuns it when it is expedient. He is filled with contradictions. He claims that America is the greatest but also says it needs to become great once more.

He is addicted to attention, whether good or bad, it does not matter as long as someone is watching, as long as someone is listening. He will do kind acts, as long as there is a camera nearby. He has a good heart, deep down, or so you think, but his actions make it hard to know for sure. He believes he is the best, that his actions are better than the actions of his peers, no matter what the issue is. His voice deserves to be heard above all others.

He has a love for fast food but claims he is in excellent health. He is slightly overweight. He has been accused of cheating at golf.

He is loud, spewing far more words than actions on a given day. He tweets uncouth things. He retweets uncouth things. He berates the media for being fake, out of touch, vapid, and yet consumes it ravenously.

Look in the mirror, my fellow Americans. This is our country, personified. If you are leaping out of your seat right now, with indignation on your lips and fury in your heart, think to yourself: what would The Donald’s reaction be to such criticism? Would it be the same as yours?

Donald Trump is a symptom of the problems this nation has as a whole. It is why he won in 2016 and why he might win in 2020. None of our real problems, the hatred, the anger, the disrespect, the constant need for online attention, the insecurity, the divisions, none of those things have been fixed since 2016.

I wish America were Joe Biden personified. Sleepy, benign, good-natured, mature, ready to give it a good go. But we are not Joe Biden. We are all Donald Trump right now, even if only a little bit. Until we can look inside ourselves and fix the problems in our households, our communities, on our own, then Donald Trump and people like him will continue to be a part of the American landscape.

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