An interesting read. Two comments though.

1) This whole premise is derived from a single man's translation of the Bible, using a word which admittedly has two widely accepted meanings and taking the weirder context.

A modern example would be:

"The contractor then hammered in ten nails to the board to finish the work."

And translating it as though he had ripped his ten finger nails out and hammered them in. It takes a simple sentence and turns it grotesque on a basis of willfull misreading of the context.

No other translations, modern or otherwise, take this translation seriously.

2) There is a lot of art depicting a lot of things but that does not constitute true belief. There are religious figures painted and sculpted for hundreds of years with halos of light around their heads but we don't think they had those things as a permenant fixture to their being.

It is disingenuous to attribute a belief to an artist based on their art, as art is by design out of the oridinary in a lot of respsects.

I see what you saw with this piece but I think its a stretch overall. I am a religious buff so this kind of stuff gets me going!

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