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Hobbyist historian. Storyteller. Imbiber of knowledge. Check out my pinned About Me for more info.

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Hey there, my name is Grant Piper, a freelance writer, researcher and content creator. I am married to my beautiful wife and work diligently from my small farm in the southern United States. I graduated from the University of Florida…

Not everything has to be massive to receive recognition

Benxi Lake

Located under an outcropping of grey stone Benxi Lake sits in its place as tourists wander idly by. It is not large. In fact, it is the world’s smallest lake. At first glance it looks like a spring fed hole that one can see all over the Southeastern United States…

A bold and wild claim that was awkward for the rest of the world

The Cantino Planisphere, 1502 (Public domain)

In 1493, Pope Alexander VI made a sweeping declaration in the form of a papal bull. The new declaration declared that the Spanish monarchy was entitled to all lands and islands, discovered and yet to be discovered, south and west of an invisible line that ran pole to pole off…

Battle of Adrianople

Eastern Roman cavalry (Public domain)

In 376CE, a crisis began brewing for the Roman Empire. Thousands of displaced Goths were beginning to stream into the Roman frontiers in Eastern Europe causing a great amount of strain and strife. …

Keyword Warrants Are Here With a Host of Troubling Questions

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

An unsealed warrant came into the public eye this month with troubling implications for the future of free speech, criminal justice, and big tech. In a now public warrant, Google was petitioned by the government to turn over all of the information of users that searched for certain phrases during…

And why don’t they anymore?

Photo by Slava Pluzhnov on Unsplash

Many people who played video games in their youth probably remember mashing in a complex string of commands in order to unlock cheat codes. The commands had to be timed just right and done in a specific order but if you managed to input them correctly, you would unlock unlimited…

And other questions about the world’s largest currency denomination

US Treasury Building (Wikimedia Commons)

A debt crisis was narrowly avoided in Congress this month but the brinkmanship made the Treasury tip their hand about what cards they hold close to the vest. One of the most interesting, and criticized, ideas was for the Treasury to order the minting of a single coin with a…

It is a phenomenon we have seen before and even has happened recently

Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea, 1891 (Ivan Aivazovsky / Public domain)

On September 10th, 2017, a strange phenomenon occurred in Tampa Bay, Florida. For a few hours, all of the water in the bay drained away, leaving large swaths of the seafloor exposed to the open air. Tampa residents poured out in disbelief. …

Is this seemingly benign technology increasing rates of social degradation and unhappiness?

Photo by Alexandre Lecocq on Unsplash

In the southern parts of the United States, it is not uncommon to see large covered porches adorning houses both new and old. Porches have been a part of southern living, and American living, for centuries. In modern America, porches are seldomly used for their original intended purpose which was…

A lesson on how it is inadvisable to store explosives in an ancient monument

The Parthenon (CC BY 2.0 / Flickr)

The Morean War is a relatively unknown conflict that occurred in the 17th century. It was a continuation of a series of wars that had raged for centuries between the Turks and the Venetians. …

Grant Piper

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