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And so is moonquake, and perhaps even venusquake *gag*

Martian seismometer (Public domain)

Next time you find yourself sucked into an intense game of Scrabble, do not be afraid to throw down the word marsquake. It is a word. Sort of. It is the scientifically accepted word for a tectonic event that shakes the ground on Mars. That makes sense. Right?

Just a…

Spain was one of the only major European powers to achieve this feat

Operation Felix plans (NACLE / CC BY-SA 4.0)

The early 20th century saw Europe ravaged by not one but two devastating world wars. These conflicts shattered great imperial empires and left tens of millions of people dead. By the end of it, the British Empire, the French Empire, the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empires…

A novel design concept to improve American combat effectiveness

American troops assault a sea wall at Normandy, 1944 (Public domain)

Baseball in the 1940s was going through something akin to a Renaissance. Legendary players like Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio were putting up career numbers. The days just before the outbreak of World War II saw the Yankees win four straight World Series. …

Grant Piper

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