3 Big Things China Lied About Regarding Coronavirus

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How Serious the Disease Is

Managing the opening of a contagious disease outbreak is critical in stemming its spread. The first few days are absolutely greatly important, and in this way, the Chinese government failed the world in their confusing and double-sided approach to the outbreak. The facts are starting to show that China knew this disease was more serious than they let on long before any real alarm was raised to the rest of the world.

The Number of Cases

In addition to botching their messaging and timeline at the very start of the pandemic, they also have been coy about reporting the true number of cases. Before we have a vaccine or cure, the best chance to stop a pandemic like this is to mitigate its spread to keep the number of cases down. In order to do this effectively, it is good to know how the virus spreads, how fast it is spreading, and where it is spreading. The only way to know these things is to look at the number of cases and location of cases and extrapolate from there.

The Number of Deaths

If you believe the official numbers out of China, it would seem as though the people of Wuhan experienced a miracle. Wuhan is a densely populated city of around 11 million people, and yet official tallies show that they only suffered 2,535 deaths during the entirety of the outbreak. This seems incredible considering that, according to what we know now, the virus is extremely contagious and deadly and was probably spreading freely during the early phases of the outbreak unhindered in a large crowded city.

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