2020 Could Change Campaigning Forever

A bold strategy could change the face of the American political landscape

Grant Piper
5 min readAug 24, 2020


Joe Biden could change presidential campaigning in America forever. A new strategy fueled by an non-traditional opponent, a global pandemic and his age has led Senator Biden to embark on an entirely new form of presidential campaign, that if successful, will turn American campaigning on its head.

Due to the global pandemic and personal health concerns (Mr. Biden is 77 years old) he has chosen to scale back his campaign. The summer during an election year is normally a flurry of travel, speeches, appearances and rallies all across our large nation. Instead of partaking in the traditional song and dance of diner appearances, “intimate” speeches to small audiences, shaking hands and kissing babies, Joe Biden has remained safely within the borders of his own state.

Can that method of campaigning work? Surely, now that he is the official nominee he will kick a traditional campaign into high gear right?

Not so fast.

On CNN this week, there was speculation that Mr. Biden may never launch the traditional campaign that everyone is waiting to see.

“It is entirely not clear if we are ever going to see either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris participate in a traditional campaign rally.”

And why not? As of writing this Joe Biden holds a comfortable lead over incumbent President Trump. If he can win without leaving Delaware, why would he?

A Stark Change From 2016

If you look back at the 2016 campaign, 2020 is so vastly different it is hard to believe that these are two presidential elections that are following one another in succession.

2016 saw the rise of mega-rallies that filled sports stadiums. It was a cross country sprint that saw Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton rushing around to various campaign stops, hosting rallies, giving speeches. It was the whole…



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