10 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Want To Live On a Tidal Island

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Mont-Saint-Michel. (2022, November 29). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mont-Saint-Michel

There is a phenomenon in coastal areas where small islands become cut off from the mainland when the tide comes in. At low tide, these islands are connected by muddy spits of land that you can walk on. At high tide, they revert to full fledged islands. These islands have been connected to mythology for centuries. Lords have built manors on them, and kings have built defensible castles on these unique pieces of land.

Today, these tidal islands remain visible and visitable. Some of them feature absolutely stunning castles, waterfront walls, and quaint farms. Seeing these isolated and unique islands makes you yearn for a cozy tidal island of your own.

Here are ten absolutely stunning photos of tidal islands that will make you want your very own.

What Is a Tidal Island?

Elizabeth Castle. (2022, June 4). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Castle

A tidal island is an island that can change forms with the coming and going of the tides. Developed tidal islands have sunken causeways that emerge when the waters recede, revealing a walkable path to the island. Undeveloped tidal islands are connected to land by soggy and muddy spits of land that could be waded by an adventurous soul. Just be sure to make it back before the tide comes back in, or else you will be stuck for another twelve hours.

Hilbre Islands. (2021, January 28). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilbre_Islands

The connection between this small island with a handful of buildings and land is currently obstructed by the shallow seawater.

Holy Island Sunrise. (2021, January 28). In Wikipedia.

This old motte is currently reachable during low tide. The waters have revealed a rocky walkway from the nearby shoreline.

Where Can You Find Tidal Islands?



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